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A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a vital project management tool that divides a project into manageable components, ensuring clear task allocation, resource management, and scheduling. This course provides a comprehensive guide to developing a WBS, enabling participants to analyze project scope, define tasks, allocate resources, and create realistic schedules. Additionally, it emphasizes using WBS as a communication tool to enhance team collaboration and stakeholder engagement. Through step-by-step instruction, participants will learn to generate WBS codes, convert activities into detailed work plans, and prepare budgets, leading to more effective and efficient project management.

What You Will Learn?

Course Curriculum

Unit 01: Introduction to WBS
Unit 02: What is Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Unit 03: How to Develope WBS
Unit 04: How to Genarate WBS Code & Create Unique Activity
Unit 05: Convert Activity into Work Plan
Unit 06: Prepare Budget Based on Workplan

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Enrolling in this course will equip you with essential skills in creating and using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for more efficient project management.

You will learn to develop a WBS, allocate resources effectively, manage tasks better, and create realistic project schedules.

This course will enhance your project management skills, making you a more competent and effective project manager, which can lead to better career opportunities.

Unlike general project management courses, this course focuses specifically on the development and practical application of WBS, a crucial tool for managing projects successfully.

The course is structured with a mix of theoretical lessons, practical examples, and real-world applications, providing a comprehensive understanding of WBS.

By implementing WBS in your projects, you will achieve better organization, efficient resource management, and successful project outcomes, positively impacting your job or business.

Yes, the course is designed for beginners and covers all fundamental aspects of WBS.

The course costs BDT 500 and includes lifetime access and a completion certificate.

Yes, once you enrol, you will have lifetime access to all course materials.

Yes, you will receive a certificate upon successfully completing the quiz. After you achieve a score above 50%, you will be eligible for the certificate for this course.

No, there is no refund policy for this course.

Yes, you can access the course materials on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The course can be completed at your own pace, with an average completion time of an hour. 

No, there are no prerequisites for enrolling in this course.

No special software is required, a basic understanding of project management concepts is helpful but not necessary.

Yes, you can revisit the course content anytime after completion.

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